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Guess this community isn't what's considered sucessful. I think this may be because lots of bipolar relationships aren't....not a lot of us hanging around eh?

Things in my life have been going rather well. My husband is fairly stable and is down to taking only one med. They've taken him off the zyprexa FINALLY (they said a few weeks and it ended up being a year). Maybe now he can get to losing the 80lbs it helped him gain. I think I'm really lucky to have the guy that I have, he's so kind and gentle and funny and intelligent. As for me, I've lost 23lbs this year, I plan on this being the year that I finally get to a healthy weight. It would be nice to get Michael down to a healthy weight too but getting him to exercise is a workout in and of itself. Anyhow, thought I'd float a message out there into the void. Hope things are going well with you all. :)

- Krista
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